Since 1996, at ABAT-JOUR MARIE ELIZABETH INC. we have been manufacturing a wide selection of lighting fixtures, custom lamps, and lampshades. 

We are specialized in the production of lampshades in parchment paper,  fabric, various laminates, and are well versed in working with specialty fabrics. Custom details are our specialty and we can make lampshades truly unique via hand-painting details or engraving on gold or silver leaf.

We seek to design lighting that will enhance your home and bring out its beauty. Owner and decorating advisor Marie-France Bélisle offers each client personalized service and advice and even does home visits.

You’ve always wondered what to do with family heirlooms such as a priceless vase or an antique clock, or sentimental items like a musical instrument, a doll or a child’s toy. Why not make it into a lighting fixture? A bespoke lamp and matching lampshade can be made to display it proudly in your home.

Have an original idea that seems impossible to realize? We know we can make your vision come to life and create something that will match your decor and truly be one of a kind.

Do your old lampshades look shabby? You don’t always have to buy new lamps! Marie Elizabeth Art Shades can transform your old lampshades and give your lamps a new life at a lesser cost.

Whether your home decor style is contemporary, industrial, mid-century modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, or traditional. Rest assured that we can help you select lighting that will enrich your space.